Erin McFarland


Erin McFarland grew up in Minneapolis where the architecture is diverse, the public amenities are abundant and the real estate market is (almost, but totally not) as fun as Colorado’s. That’s why this chick traded the Great Lakes and public parks for mountains and open space when she moved to Boulder in 2010. Even in her free time, Erin loves doing projects on her 1950s home, so her clients get the benefit of a partner who geeks out on real estate as a career and a personal hobby.

Favorite Quote

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver
What Drives You?

Building meaningful personal and professional relationships and finding fulfillment by helping those around me. And always try, try, trying again (I’m still trying to remember how to play the piano).

Why Real Estate?

Growing up, my family would divvy up the paper on Sunday mornings, and even as an elementary school kid, I always opted for the real estate section over the cartoons. As an adult, my career started in sustainability, but I quickly realized that I had more interest in the experiential side of residential energy efficiency. Real estate fit the bill and then some.

Where’s Your Happy Place?

On the soccer field

Why are you at Spaces?

A dear friend/running partner/ambitious woman once told me that it was possible to have a fulfilling career in a fantastic environment that encompassed all of what I enjoy about life and work. She worked at Spaces, and the rest is history.

My Friends would describe me as:

  • Sweet
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Humorous
We love, love, love having Erin on our team! She is fun, funny, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients have the best experience possible.