• We’re not shy about our obsession with creating ideal client experiences.

    At Spaces Real Estate, buying and selling homes is about fulfilling our clients’ dreams, not our agents’ agendas. Call us rebels. Or radicals. Or industry bad boys (and girls). But that’s what we believe and it’s what our firm was founded on.

    Our client relationships transcend transactions, and we relentlessly stick to our mission to provide top-level service, exceptional results and value worth telling your friends about.

  • The only thing higher than our altitude is our standard for client satisfaction.

    Spaces Real Estate Agents have what it takes to achieve the best possible outcomes—“the goods,” so to speak. We are expertly trained in the key skillsets that create happy clients and lasting value when buying or selling your home.

    Every single one of us does this full-time, so you know we’re dedicated. We align our efforts and resources with your unique needs, so you know you’ll get what you want. And we always keep our promises, so there you have it.

  • When you need the edge, we serve it up on a silver platter.

    Real Estate isn’t a game. It’s a serious profession that demands a careful balance of experience and innovation.

    Here at Spaces, we blend tried-and-true practices with breakthrough tools and tactics to give our clients a tangible advantage over the competition. You can count on us to be on your side and one step ahead 100% of the time.

Of the various Realtors I've worked with, this experience was by far the best. Cara C.

This is
life’s work.And these are the values we live by:

  • We Care.

    We do good while doing well. When positive social change is a consequence of our work, we know we’ve done our job.

  • We Go Local.

    We’re engrained in the communities we serve. From our people to our philanthropy, we always play for the home team.

  • We Get Real.

    We believe that humanity still reigns in real estate, so our agents are genuine, candid and bold enough to tell you the truth.

  • We Have Open Minds.

    We learn and thrive through new ideas. “Because that’s the way it’s always been done” is a dangerous way to think.

  • We Are Willing.

    You need it? We’ll do it. You want it? We got it. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver a brilliant client experience. Every. Single. Time.

  • We Teach Lessons.

    When you know what you’re doing, you make better decisions, so we take the time to educate our clients, not just boss them around.

  • We Got Skill.

    We don’t simply teach our agents how to buy and sell. We train them to take action, exceed expectations and make success happen.

  • We Raise Standards.

    We are building a class of our own—one that reaches beyond real estate and into the real world. Beyond satisfactory and into extraordinary.

The Faces Behind the Spaces Hand-picked. Client-approved. They’re carefully screened, rigorously trained and frankly, a bit ahead of their time. Meet the agents who call Spaces Real Estate home.