Callie Pederson

Social Media Manager

Callie Pederson is a woman of many talents. And when say “many,” we’re not messing around. She’s a writer, photographer, editor, digital marketer, adventurer, content creator, backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, blogger, traveler, soccer player (and coach) — and that was just last week. After graduating with communications and creative writing degrees, Callie left the beaches of Florida for the towering Rocky Mountains. So, when she’s not taking our social media to new heights, you’ll probably find her at actual heights, hiking the peaks with her camera in hand.

A few Accolades
  • Social Media Marketing Certification

Favorite Quote

“In the end, these things matter: How well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go?”
Jack Kornfield
What Drives You?

Results! There is nothing more satisfying than creating positive results — like reaching the top of a mountain after enduring the pain on the way up or seeing my clients happy when I help them grow their businesses.

Why Real Estate?

First off, the people. This is especially true at Spaces where it feels like a tight-knit family. And secondly, the houses! I love visiting beautiful homes and collecting design inspiration.

Where’s Your Happy Place?

One word: trail

Why are you at Spaces?

The people! Grant is an amazing boss and I love collaborating with him to bring his marketing ideas to life.

My Friends would describe me as:

  • Loyal
  • Compassionate
  • Resilient
  • Fun
Managing website information as well as social media content for any business is a time consuming, but all too necessary part of doing business today. As we tried to tackle this in-house, we quickly found that this was far too important to us to “learn as we go” in tackling it. Facebook page content and blogs for our website were a priority for our web based marketing strategies, and we needed help! Callie Pederson was the answer to that need! Callie demonstrated an uncanny ability to listen to our wants and needs in our content, and quickly designed a strategy for our Blog posts and Facebook page that very quickly proved as a measurable lift of web-based contacts to our business, and more importantly, new customers! Callie’s writing for our blogs are always spot on for relevant topics and information relative to our business and to potential customers. I always find them well researched and written, with volume of writing that gets to the meat of the subject, but does not overwhelm the reader in its length. Our Facebook page is managed by Callie with relevant content, ads for our services and products, and constant idea strategies to keep content fresh and interesting to our Facebook visitors. Callie’s Facebook work drives additional customers to our website where they find her blogs and our services information that again grows our customer base. For us, Callie Pederson is a proven professional lift for our business! Michael G.