Let us guess: you didn’t just wake up this morning and decide to sell your house. It’s a process (how’s that for putting it lightly?), not to mention a huge decision, which is why we do the heavy lifting for you.

Spaces Real Estate Agents know what needs to be done upfront to limit unforeseen circumstances and garner offers that reflect the true value of your home. No money left on the table. Period.

  • Our Marketing Works Harder

    We don’t stop at a simple sign in your yard. While tired, isolated tactics may have a certain old school cache, they sure don’t sell more houses. We do.

    We generate interest in your home by targeting our efforts to the types of buyers who will actually make offers. Being visible to the right eyes is key.

    We go full-on synergistic with our marketing, actively employing creative on- and off-line strategies to seek out prospects and make “Sold” happen.

  • Our Prices Are Right

    Pricing your home is a team effort. We work with you to reach a targeted, strategic price that will attract buyers and, more importantly, make you happy.

    We look at the big picture when it comes to pricing, so you can be confident we’ll price your home in-line with your timeline and other requirements.

    Don’t worry. We won’t just throw out some random number. We take pride in educating our sellers so that you come to the table with the same info as us.

    We know real estate, and she’s a fickle beast. Good thing our agents are trained to constantly evaluate pricing in real time and for your precise market so your home stays competitive.

  • Our Listings Have Polish

    We don’t believe in the whole one-size-fits-all kind of listing. Your home is unique, so we’ll create a custom strategy to suit it. Sounds like common sense, but it’s part of the Spaces difference, and it’s really where we shine.

    Every Spaces Real Estate listing is marketed with professional photography—no exceptions—so every room, corner and closet looks like a million bucks.

    Online? In person? It doesn’t matter. We make sure your home looks its absolute best when buyers come looking. Our Spaces360™ interactive online tours are powered by Matterport® and provide viewing experiences that rival live walkthroughs. Bonus: to our knowledge, Spaces is the only Colorado firm currently using this advanced imaging technology.

    Our agents double as seasoned staging consultants who will help you showcase your home’s outright (and hidden) potential. We’re also honest about which upgrades will directly translate to higher offers so you don’t waste time or money.

  • Our Practices Make Perfection

    Spaces Real Estate is your partner in smooth selling (transactions and transitions included). We get creative and always put you first—it’s sort of our thing.

    Our rate of successful closings is well above average. Like, way above. Probably because we understand that any offer is only as good as its potential to close.

    Before you even go under contract, you can trust that we’ve already done the dirty work to ensure your buyer is all kinds of qualified.

    Inspections. Appraisals. This. That. We’ll help you navigate all the various contingencies to your best benefit.

    This is largely a buyer-driven process (not always awesome for the seller, we know) but we take pride in our ability to help you evaluate and negotiate offers like a pro.

Their industry knowledge helped us to prepare and list our house for top dollar and the home was under contract very quickly. They do a wonderful job handling the details and were excellent to work with. Angela C.