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Spaces 360 Interactive Online Tour

Your home has so much more than its square footage and bedroom count.  There’s a reason you chose it and a reason that the next owner will fall in love with it. The best marketing copy can’t adequately describe the wonderful qualities you connected with when you first saw it and even the best photographs can’t quite capture the feeling you get when you enter your favorite room. You simply have to be there to truly experience your space and all it has to offer…or do you???

At Spaces Real Estate, we are well known for our innovative approach and we come across new technologies almost every day. Most of them get little notice but recently, we discovered an incredible 3D camera that brings buyers into your home for a truly interactive virtual showing – think “Street View” for the inside of a house! 

We knew right away that we had to have this stunning new tool for our Boulder County clients. Announcing the Spaces360 Interactive Online Tour! Now any buyer, anytime, anywhere in the world, can tour your home from their computer or mobile device. The tour offers a full virtual interaction with the home at the buyer’s fingertips anytime they want to see it. Short of being in the home itself, there is no better way to show off your space and build buyer interest in your house.


This also means we can showcase your home at a level far beyond the average listing’s poorly lit smart-phone photos and mundane marketing description. We’re allowing buyers to experience your home in a fun, interactive and memorable way that will etch its best qualities into their minds eye. More importantly, when they finally see it in person, your home be the one that’s familiar and exciting for them to explore instead of being the unknown mystery that keeps them poised for disappointment.

The Spaces360 Interactive Online Tour is truly changing the way we sell real estate in Boulder! Watch below as we take you on a journey through a home, moving seamlessly from room to room, and then out to the amazing “doll house view” that presents your floor plan in a 3d model that captures the layout perfectly!

So technology is also supposed to make our lives easier right? With the Spaces360 Interactive Online Tour we’re truly redefining our seller’s experience because only those buyers with genuine interest will need to see your home in person. This means less curiosity showings – less picking up and leaving your home on short notice just to accommodate lookie-loo’s and real estate “tourists” while you drive around the block for an hour. Stay home, enjoy your dinner, and know that every interested buyer has access to the best virtual showing any real estate professional can offer.